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Don’t let your devices die just because you are on the move. Designed for today’s commuter and world traveler, the Moovy Bag is not just a backpack, but a smart connected backpack with a portable power station built with an intelligent battery designed to quickly and efficiently power nearly any phone, tablet, and even laptop, and a handy for when outlets aren’t an option.




We invented a portable power station

Forget about dead batteries

Power nearly any mobile devices when you need it, smartphone, tablet, laptops, anywhere anytime, with the Moovy Battery of 22,000mAh capacity. As the Power Bank is removable it makes Moovy Bags TSA approved.

Built-in charging solution

The Moovy Battery is directly integrated in the fabric of the bag, completely surrounded by shock-proof EVA material. 

Moovy Bag

Compatible Cables

Moovy Bag comes with all the cables to charge any mobile devices anytime, anywhere: iPhone lightning, micro USB, and USB-C devices. Each Moovy Bag includes a universal charging cable that’s compatible with all phones including Apple (Lightning) and Android  (USB-C.)

Keep Charging Easy and Organized with Moovy Charging Solutions

We have designed a cable compatible with all models of tablet with Apple lightning, Micro USB and USB-C connection. The cable has a rotating head with 3 connectors.


We pay attention to every little detail

Premium fabrics

Smart Backpack carefully crafted with premium fabrics: premium vegan leather, anti-scratch canvas, waterproof zipper, stainless steel loops. The bag is safe, secure and dry as it is repels and blocks all intruding materials to keep your devices safe for the duration you are on the road.

Smart organization

Designed with the modern “digital nomad” in mind, this bag comes equipped with smart storage, providing an organized space for everything from umbrellas to file folders.

High quality materials

Added Security The combination of magnetic latch and hook closure adds an extra level of security especially in large crowds. All front pockets are well secured with selected zipper, each zipper is very strong and resistant.

Safe and secure

Keep your devices safe Don’t worry if you drop your Moovy Bag, we use EVA material to absorb shocks. EVA is the best material to absorb energy from impacts. Also the battery is safely surrounded by an extra layer foam all the way around and there is an RFID pocket for your bank cards.

Crafted to inspire confidence

We use premium fabrics, Vegan Leather and Anti-Scratch Canvas. We have made a commitment to being cruelty-free.

Built for durability

Never worry about your gear, they are protected with water resistant and shock-proof compartments.


Moovy Bag

Designed for safety

The combination of magnetic snaps closure and hook add an extra level of security especially in large crowds.



We ensure everything is right where you need it

Top marks for its interior

The Moovy Bag has six interior compartments to help you find your things.

Designed to carry your laptop, tablet and high tech accessories, with a padded sleeve that can accommodate up to 15 inches, so you can work on the go.

It’s roomy enough for you to carry water bottle, note book, without making the bag look overstuffed. It maintains its beautiful shape straight.

Clever Features

It is full of plenty helpful features, from a retractable keychain that holds your keys, to water bottle holders that protects the rest of your stuff from leaks, and a Rfid blocking pocket for your bank cards.


Everything in its place

There’s an abundance of handy pockets on the outside, including 2 exterior zippered pocket for easy access to your stuff like subway reading, 2 perfectly sized cell phones back pocket and a quick access pocket for things like your office or metro key card.


Moovy Bag

Moovy Boards- Best Electronic Organizer Ever

Are you tired of digging in the bottom of your bag to find your everyday essentials ? We create the Moovy Boards to help carrying your tech accessories and essentials. When you slide the board in and out, everything is left where you expect to be.


Carry as you want

Since you’re likely to carry a lot of stuff in it, it can be carried in many different ways, including as a cross-body and over the shoulder. We designed flexible straps that switch easily from backpack to shoulder or carry.



There are two kind of material for the main front cover: Vegan Leather and Nylon. Both bags are identical, only the front cover changes.

With the Moovy bag, you will always be assured of an organized bag and devices for all your commuting needs.

We use Premium Vegan Leathers. We have made a commitment to being cruelty free.

No animals were hurt in making our bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Anton van Diem
Moody bag top quality

At the startup I bought already one and recently a second bag. Very good quality and a good concept a good after sale service.

Emma Clements

I bought this for my work desk as I’m working with multiple devices (2 phones, 1 iPad, 1 tablet). Moovy dock helps me to charge all my devices at once without a cable mess. Good quality material and reasonable price.

Jack Marsh

I've been searching for a charging dock that is compatible for my devices and decided to buy this one. It works well as it says so far.

Brooke Dunn

A must have item at home. There are 3 of us at home and sometimes we charge our devices at the same time and Moovy dock has been great to organize the cables.

Owne Mistry

Impressive bag! Quality and functions are TOP. The only downside is a bit heavier but understanable considering that it’s not just a regular bag. Worth the price!

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Extended Warranty

24 month warranty on all bags.

Easy Returns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the main specifications of the battery ?
– USB Rechargeable 22,000 mAh Battery.
– Replaceable, Built In 3-in-1 Universal Cable.
– Compatible With USB-C, Apple, + Micro USB Device.
– Automatic Detect IC Technology.
– Qualcomm QC 3.0 For Safe, Fast Charging.
– Full Charge Auto-Shut Off Safety Timer.
– Power Delivery 2.0: Port Type C PD 2.0 In + Out.
– Max Output : 45W. Can be recharged with any Type-C adapter 45W min.
– Battery Lifetime : Rated For Over 400 Charge + Discharge Cycles.

Q. What kind of battery is being used in Moovy Bag Battery ?
We use polymer for Moovy Bag Battery. Lithium Polymer batteries made to last.

Q. What the specification of Moovy Bag battery ?
The Moovy Bag battery with enough juice (22,000 mAh) to charge your phone, tablet and laptop USB-C all at once. Moovy Bag Battery has an intelligent charging IC, it knows what is connected and the optimal charge for each device. We also are using Power delivery for the USB-C output and Qualcomm 3.0 designing to charge your devices faster than normal.

– Automatic Detect IC Technology : Charge all your devices simultaneously and automatically optimize the charging mode of each one.
– Qualcomm QC 3.0 technology : Charge faster your devices with safety functions.
– Power Delivery 2.0 : Port type C PD 2.0 IN and OUT 45W (Max).
– Li-polymer Battery : High safety, high energy density, excellent cycle performance, no memory effect, green environmental protection.

Q. How do I recharge the Moovy Bag battery and how long it takes ?

You have 3 choices for recharging your Moovy Bag Battery. You can recharge the Moovy Bag battery via USB-C cable (4HOURS) or Micro-usb cable standard 2A Charger (10HOURS) or with renewable energy via the Moovy Bag Solar (2 sunny days) in optimal weather conditions.

Q. What kind of Laptop the Moovy Bag Battery can charge ?
The Moovy Bag battery can charge all kind of USB-C laptops Thanks to the PD (Power Delivery)

Q. Can I take my Moovy Bag on an airplane ?
Moovy Bag can be with you in your carry-on luggage. The capacity of Moovy Bag battery (22000mAh Max Output 45W) falls within Federal Aviation Administration’s safety limit of 100Wh. Our Lithium batteries are compliant with the latest air travel. We have got all the safety certificates.

Q. What is the battery life of the Moovy Bag Battery ?
Moovy Bag battery is rated for over 400 charge and discharge cycles.

Q. Is it harmful to charge your Moovy Bag overnight ?
The Moovy Bag battery will stop charging when fully charged. Once your smartphone or other devices have been fully charged the safety timer terminates the charging process to prevent overheating.

Q. Is the Moovy battery safe inside the Moovy Bag ?
Hard case to absorb the impact. The entire body of Moovy Bag Batterty is made of aluminum and to protect the battery from the impacts we have made an EVA socle to protect it.

Q. How many times can I charge? My cellphone? My tablet? My USB-C Laptop ?
You can charge your iPhone 11 7times, your iPad Air 1.5 times, your MacBook Pro 1.5 times

Q. Is the build-in charging cable replaceable?
What if it stops working? Yes, all the cables built-in the Moovy Bag are replaceable.
We provide 3-in-1 charging cable, 2-in-1 iPhone/ Type-C charging cable, USB-C to USB-C charging cable. 

Q. What’s the size, weight, capacity of the bag ?
– Dimensions : 42*28*10 cm 16.5*11.02*3.94 Inch
– Capacity : 13L/3.5gal
– Net weight : 1500grs (with battery)/ 3.3lbs

Q. How much does Moovy Bag Battery weight ?
Weight : 520grams 1.14lbs

Q. Will my laptop fit into Moovy Bag ?
Any laptop 15 inch size will be able to fit into Moovy Bag. Also, the laptop compartment is customizable to fit a smaller laptop.

Q. What tablet fit in the tablet compartment ?
All kind of tablets can fit in the tablet compartment.

Q. What are the main details of Moovy Bag ?
– 13L Capacity
– Laptop Pocket Fits Up To 15.6″ Laptop
– Shock Absorbing EVA Material Protects Devices
– Water Repellent Outer
– Magnetic Latches
– Waterproof Zipper
– Stainless Steel Loops
– RFID Blocking Pocket
– Adjustable Straps For Backpack + Shoulder Carry

Q. The Moovy Boards are included with the Moovy Bag or optional ?
A. We create the Moovy Boards to help carrying your tech accessories and essentials. When you slide the board in and out, everything is left where you expect to be.
2 boards are provided with your purchase.

Q. Is the backpack water resistant ?
A. Yes, the Moovy Bag is water repellent. All the exterior fabrics have been lined with an advanced water resistant coating to help keep the rain out but it’s not fully waterproof.

Q. How does Moovy Bag protect all my devices ?
A. We use EVA material to absorb shocks from the button sole and protect your electronics. EVA is the best material to absorb energy from impacts.

Q. What’s included ?
Moovy Bag Power
– Moovy Bag
– 22,000mAh Battery
– USB-C 45W Charger (EUR/US)
– (2) Universal Charging Cables
– USB-C Adapter
– Organizer Board
– Tablet Board

Moovy Bag Solar
– Moovy Bag
– 22,000mAh Battery
– 12W Solar Panel
– USB-C 45W Charger (EUR/US)
– (2) Universal Charging Cables
– USB-C Adapter
– Organizer Board
– Tablet Board

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