Moovy Split Bottle


Designed To Keep Your Water Safe From Bacteria, Germs & Toxins

Stay safe and avoid harmful bacteria by taking a step toward better health and a better environment with Moovy Split Bottle, the vacuum insulated bottle that unscrews at the middle for easy cleaning.

– Unscrews from the Middle
The Moovy Bottle is so much easier to clean than a conventional bottle. Simply unscrew at the middle and clean every inch of it with ease.

– Hot and Cold – However You Like It
Moovy uses a vacuum insulated design keeping your drinks hot for 12 Hours and your drinks cold for 24 Hours. This makes Moovy the perfect insulated water bottle whether you’re going on a road trip, camping or even just taking it to work.

– Easy Pouring Without Spilling
We’ve found that a center opening bottle allows you to easily pour coffee, water or any other liquid, without making a mess.

– Smell? What Smell?
Think back to the last bottle you owned, after some time, no matter how hard you try to clean it, it starts to smell bad. Well, that’s why you need Moovy. With the easy-to-clean functionality of Moovy, you don’t need to worry about bad smells anymore!

– Carry Handle
Moovy is the ultimate “every day” water bottle. Moovy can easily be transported anywhere thanks to the unique carry handle. Unique design, easy-to-carry and clean and durable for years to come.

Are you sure your drinking habit is safe? Moovy Bottle, an easy clean water bottle is an insulated bottle that unscrews at the middle for cleaning easily. Get rid of recalcitrant bacteria that are stuck on your bottle a long time ago.


Attach your bottle to a backpack or belt.
Handle to carry the bottle to and from the gym always comes in handy.


Unscrew from the middle to clean it efficiently.Also completely dishwasher safe.


High grade 18/8 stainless steel,
2 Stainless steel leakproof cap
Keep drinks cold 24 hours, hot 12 hours


The wide middle opening made it easy to add ice and just keep them cold for 24 hours without melting like a plastic bottle.


BPA-free and reusable


Very convenient to add scoops of protein powder without dropping it everywhere

Improve Healthy Drinking Habit

Bring your water drinking habit that is healthy to the next level with Moovy Bottle. A vacuum insulated bottle is safe to keep in your water. Fill this up with protein powder or pre-workout from the middle opener. The middle opener lets you bring in ice cubes for instance.

Get Rid Of Bad Smell

Check out your previous water bottle, is it still good as new? It is hard to clean away that unwanted smell of a water bottle. Moovy Bottle is crafted with a middle opener that lets you reach the deepest bottom with easy-to-clean functionality. BPA-free makes you safe.

Stay Hydrated Safely

No more germs or bacteria that are trapped in your bottle. Stay hydrated with your easy clean water bottle that is textured inside and out with antibacterial material. Reach out to every curve of the bottle to make it clean and safe.

Keep It Long-Lasting Hot And Cold

Enjoy your hottest coffee or iced lychee tea all day with no complaints. Keep your drinking water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.  High grade 18/8 stainless steel with 2 stainless steel leakproof caps.

Customer Reviews

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Jérome Dorin
Very useful in everyday life!

Quality product. Very good conservation. The water stays fresh and the tea hot. The water has no taste and is not altered.
I really recommend this product it's a good value for money.
Small downside, no choice of color.

Convenient for walks

Fast delivery. The packaging is great and it really feels like a quality product. It is easy to carry thanks to its small carrying handle. It is not too big so it fits well in one hand. Perfect for long walks in town or in the country!

Suitable for all the family

Great! The quality is great. For the price I am very satisfied and I recommend it.
The black color is suitable for the whole family. The cleaning is really simple with the bottle that unscrews in the center. Big advantage for the brand!

A pure happiness !

This is a very good quality product.

The "plus" of the product:

- Airtight product, no leakage after several months of use.
- Can contain both hot and cold.
- The capacity of the thermos (550ml).
- The filling which can be done by the cap or in the middle by unscrewing the bottle.

To conclude, it is a quality thermos for a very good price.

Easy to clean

Product conforms. Sober but efficient bottle. Lightweight bottle and therefore easy to carry. Keeps the drink fresh all day long (and I suppose it will be the same for the hot one if desired). Small plus, it can be unscrewed in the middle, super practical to clean it well.


Moovy is the ultimate “everyday” water bottle. It can easily be transported anywhere thanks to the unique carry handle. Unique design, easy-to-carry and clean and durable for years to come. From office work to your Protein Shaker...


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Moovy Split Bottle

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